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World Nutella Day 2008

World Nutella Day聽2008

Even before聽I’ve started this blog (not so many days ago 馃檪 ), I’ve been wanting to participate in a blog event. I just didn’t know in which one.
And then I’ve read that February 5th 2008 is declared to be this year’s Nutella day by Sara from Ms. Adventures in Italy and Michelle from Bleeding Espresso, and I’ve also read that they are hosting a blog event for this occasion. What a perfect first blog event for me, as a former Nutella addict! (Wanna know how much of an聽addict? When I was聽 a kid, once in a few months, my mom would manage to get her hands on a jar of Nutella, and she would happily bring it home to me. I, on my part, would take the jar, kiss her thankfully, and go get myself a teaspoon. Then I would find a comfortable spot that would host my little (or not so little?) behind until I could see the bottom of the jar of this wonderful hazelnut spread. Oh yes, and I would enjoy every bite of it too!).

For this year’s Nutella day I’ve decided to make a recipe that I’ve made several times before, and was a great success every time. These are great Nutella filled roll-shaped cookies, they are made from a very flaky dough, and they melt in your mouth with every bite you take.
The source of this recipe is my favorite Israeli pastry-chef, named Carine Goren. She’s young, has a great character and a smiling face you’d be always happy to watch on cooking shows, but more importantly – every recipe of hers always has a most tasty outcome.

Nutella filled rolled聽cookies

Nutella filled rolled cookies / recipe by Carine Goren
Makes about 50 cookies

3 1/2 cups (500 gr) all-purpose flour
1 Tbsp baking powder
3/4 cup (100 gr) powdered sugar
250 gr cold butter, diced
2/3 cup (160 ml) milk
1 1/2 cups Nutella spread

1. In food processor process together the flour, baking powder, powdered sugar and butter in short pulses, until you get a flaky mixture.
2. Add the milk and continue processing using short pulses, just until the dough is formed.
3. Heat the oven to 340掳F (170掳 celsius).
4. Divide the dough into 3 equal parts. Roll out each one of them to a rectangle 1/2 cm (1/5 inch) thick.
5. Spread the Nutella (if the spread is too thick, heat it up in the microwave for 10-15 seconds) on each one of the 3 dough parts, roll each part into a log. Place聽the logs聽(the “clean”, stitchless side up) on a big baking pan (I use the oven’s baking pan) with a piece of parchment paper on it.
6. Using a knife, mark slots on each log, a gap of 2 cm (0.8 inch)聽separates between each slot. This step makes cutting the cookies after baking very easy.
7. Bake for 25-30 mins, until golden.
8. Cool for 30 mins. Using the slots we’ve marked, slice the cookies. Powder them with powdered sugar and keep in a sealed jar at room temperature.

注讜讙讬讜转 诪讙讜诇讙诇讜转 诪诪讜诇讗讜转 谞讜讟诇讛 / 拽专讬谉 讙讜专谉

3 1/2 讻讜住讜转 拽诪讞 (500 讙专诐)
1 讻祝 讗讘拽转 讗驻讬讬讛
3/4 讻讜住 讗讘拽转 住讜讻专 (100 讙专诐)
250 讙专诐 讞诪讗讛 拽专讛, 讞转讜讻讛 诇拽讜讘讬讜转
2/3 讻讜住 讞诇讘 (160 诪”诇)
1 1/2 讻讜住讜转 诪诪专讞 砖讗讜讛讘讬诐 (谞讜讟诇讛, 诪诪专讞 转诪专讬诐, 专讬讘转 讞诇讘, 诪诪专讞 讞诇讘讛, 专讬讘讛 讜注讜讚)

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1. 讘诪注讘讚 诪讝讜谉 注诐 诇讛讘 诪转讻转 诪注讘讚讬诐 拽诪讞, 讗讘拽转 讗驻讬讬讛, 讗讘拽转 住讜讻专 讜拽讜讘讬讜转 讞诪讗讛 诇转注专讜讘转 驻讬专讜专讬转. 诪讜住讬驻讬诐 讞诇讘 讜诪注讘讚讬诐 讘诇讞讬爪讜转 拽爪专讜转 (驻讜诇住讬诐) 专拽 注讚 拽讘诇转 讘爪拽 讗讞讬讚.

诪诪诇讗讬诐, 诪专讻讬讘讬诐 讜讗讜驻讬诐:
2. 诪讞诪诪讬诐 转谞讜专 诇 – 170 诪注诇讜转
3. 诪讞诇拽讬诐 讗转 讛讘爪拽 诇-3 讞诇拽讬诐 砖讜讜讬诐. 诪专讚讚讬诐 讻诇 讞诇拽 注诇 谞讬讬专 讗驻讬讛 诪拽讜诪讞 拽诇讜转, 诇诪诇讘谉 讘注讜讘讬 1/2 住”诪.
4. 诪讜专讞讬诐 讘诪诇讬转 讛专爪讜讬讛, 诪讙诇讙诇讬诐 诇专讜诇讚讛 讜诪注讘讬专讬诐 诇转讘谞讬转 诪专讜驻讚转 讘谞讬讬专 讗驻讬讬讛 (讻砖讛转驻专 讻诇驻讬 诪讟讛). 讞讜讝专讬诐 注诇 讛驻注讜诇讛 注诐 讬转专转 讛讘爪拽 讜讛诪诇讬转.
5. 诪住诪谞讬诐 讞专讬爪讬诐 讘诪专讜讜讞讬诐 砖诇 2 住”诪 注诇 讛专讜诇讚讜转 (诇讛拽诇 注诇 讞讬转讜讱 讛注讜讙讬讜转 诇讗讞专 讛讗驻讬讛) 讜讗讜驻讬诐 25-30 讚拽讜转, 注讚 诇讛讝讛讘讛.
6. 诪爪谞谞讬诐 讜驻讜专住讬诐 诇注讜讙讬讜转. 诪拽砖讟讬诐 讘讗讘拽转 住讜讻专 讜诪讙讬砖讬诐. 砖讜诪专讬诐 讘讻诇讬 讗讟讜诐 讘讟诪驻’ 讛讞讚专.